Burnt Bridges

by The Coyote Effect

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Emmet Martin These are some good boys. Good jams. Wrote a review of them way back in the days of HS Favorite track: Get Over Yourself.
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"Burnt Bridges is a record about losing connections to people and places that mean a lot to you. Our actions are often not what we want them to be and this record explores how people change over time and how someone always ends up ruining things. Burnt Bridges is about five girls, two places and myself. It is about losing "love" . . awful for little things. It's about moving on." - EC

The Coyote Effect is a collaboration between Charlie Feig and Edward Cunningham. Formed in 2012.

Recorded in Seattle, WA by Charlie Feig.

"The worst part about DIY is that you have to do it yourself" - Zac Carper


released February 25, 2014

Recorded and released by The Coyote Effect

Charlie Feig - Production, Trumpet, Engineering
Edward Cunningham - Guitar, Vocals, Words, Production

Words and music by Edward Cunningham
Trumpet arranged by Charlie Feig

Except sections in "3 Chances" taken from "Forest Whitaker" by Bad Books

Album Cover and Design by Nina Tran
Co-produced by Bergen de Koch and Matthew Thompson
Track photos by Edward Cunningham
Mixed and Mastered by Charlie Feig in Seattle, Washington.

Additional Vocals on tracks 2 and 4 by Ellie Rothrock
Additional Guitar by John Isak "Gainer" "Garnier Fructis" Washburn-Gaines
Gang Vocals and Auxiliary Percussion on track 2 by Ellie Rothrock, Matthew Thompson, Bergen de Koch, and the Coyote Effect

CE - We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who helped us make this record. Bergen de Koch, Matthew "Drone" Thompson and Nina Tran were uber helpful in millions of ways. To John Isak Washburn-Gaines & Finn/Johnny West for lending me their guitars. Sterling Hines-Elzinga for driving us around and getting up to trouble with us. Thanks to everyone who listened to the early demos and supported us. To our families, DJ Mikael Jordad and to Goku Records for giving us that tiny bit of support we needed. To Fender Guitars and Ernie Ball strings. To Brian Eno and the Oblique Strategies. And our biggest thank you goes out to all the musicians who have inspired us.

CF - To Madeline "MF DOOM" "Victor Vaughn" "Metalface Doo" Feig, thank you for starting me on this emotional and spiritual journey. Thank you to F for putting up with me. Thanks to trumpet teachers, people who play music, and people who listen to music. Thanks to Edward Cunningham.

EC - To Charlie Feig and thank you to all reading this. you know who you are.




all rights reserved


The Coyote Effect Seattle, Washington

The Coyote Effect is Charlie Feig and Edward Cunningham.
Contact: coyote@boun.cr

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Track Name: Last Four
it was cold
it was broke
it was dark
it was the worst time
for anything

wanted to hold
just anything
I had
everything but nothing
air of what seemed to be

time wasted
or was it wasted

you were right
I was wrong
we could never
get along

I spent the last four years
hearing what I wanted to hear
but it wasn't always there

I spent the last four years
tied up to a door
that wasn't open
Track Name: Get Over Yourself
She never called me back
I never even asked
I wanted all of that

Well I didn't mean to interrupt
your story
I think you're pretty,
Fucking boring

I think I can speak for
everyone when I say
say shut your mouth

And a voice
on the phone
is telling me
to come back home

And a voice
on the phone
reminds me
to never go back home

She's really
not that great
She's really
fucking lame
I don't really care

She said life's a dream
She read it all online
She's quoting herself
to sleep sometimes
Track Name: 3 Chances
call me darling
don't call me babe
call me darling
just call me anyway

I've been lost
and so confused
I've been lost
and thinking of you

these dreams they pass
in a blink of an eye
that's what Jeff said
now it's time to fly
away from here

so we left this city
that's what we did
we don't really
like to admit

we are lost in this city
we can't get out

I gave her 3 chances
3 chances to prove her love
I gave her 3 chances
3 chances aren't enough

so then I moved to Japan
thought a clean bill of health
and a camera could show me the plan
what's the plan
I don't know

started over now
I'm back in this town
I can't even
get around
without thinking of you
I am thinking of you
Track Name: What Do We Have?
Saw your face not too long ago
Didn't really mean anything
But my eyes popped out of my head
Thought they saw something

What do we have?

Many years later she says my name
Thought we had gotten past this
But she keeps going on
Can't really see much anything

What do we have?

Your fingertips don't mean anything
Your tongue and lips don't mean anything
Your legs and back they don't mean anything
Your heart and mind they don't mean anything

What do we have?
Track Name: Stone
if I left you
I could be free
it could be
only me

when I was a
little man
I couldn't begin to

I want things
the way they were before
before I settled
at this shore

how can I
get away from my home?
it's hard to leave all
I've ever know

wanted to get away
from your grasp
just wanted to get back

want to leave here
it's all I know
know these feelings
come and go

but for now
I'm sticking around
gonna get my fill
of this fucking town

call is over
and it is clear
that the end is
very near

this couldn't last
for all time
can't be yours
if you're not mine

one million days
have come and gone
still trying to
stay strong

all these things
are in the past
fill it up man
and pass the glass
Track Name: Shinagawa

getting back
is much easier
than they say

why would you
wanna go here

but I see
why I
should stay

getting back
is much easier
than they say

why would you
wanna go here

but I see
why I
should stay

getting back
is much easier
than they say

why would you
wanna leave here

so I see
why I
should stay